Welcome to the Snug, my tiny studio! 
This page is a spot for me to post a few insights into what's been going on in my workspace and some of my creative process.
All moved over to the new snug. So much storage!
All moved over to the new snug. So much storage!
So much light to work in :)
So much light to work in :)
Loving my new tiny studio!
Loving my new tiny studio!

Lifetime goal of publishing a children's book series realized!!!

Book signing

First shipment of "Calvin Goes On Holiday"

Final book in my series is here!

Construction underway for our addition, including a new painting space

Planning out the London page for "Calvin Goes on Holiday"

Illustrations complete for the new book "Calvin Goes on Holiday"

Illustration phase underway

Using just about every inch of my painting table

Painting space in the Snug - Ingrid Stevens Photography

Love painting outdoors - Ingrid Stevens Photography

Laying out the storyline for my next book in the Calvin series!

Look what just arrived in the Snug!

First shipment!

Ready for delivery...

Beginning stages of the watercolour illustration "Paranoia"

Composite drawing of "Baby Calvin"

Calvin's new perch!

Cover in progress for my next book "Calvin the Spider"

​​​​​​​Brought my book "Calvin's Big Space Adventure" to NASA!

Outdoor reading of "Calvin's Big Space Adventure!"

Set up for reading to classes at Queen of Angels

Finishing touches to "Blue Monday"

Up close and personal with one of Calvin's relatives!

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