Jo Morano
Hi there, this is me, Jo Morano, sharing with you a little bit about myself and my art.
I've been fortunate to grow up and reside on the Westcoast of British Columbia, a place of astounding wild and natural beauty that inspires my creative proccess. I still recall the moment of pure joy when my first grade teacher placed a paintbrush in my hand and set me in front of an easel, I was in heaven! This love of art and of nature is central in my creative journey and has seen me through many seasons of life.
Although my formal training is in the graphic arts, I have often veered off into other media, exploring my passion for creating beauty in a variety of ways. In my early twenties I trained in both fine arts and graphic design then opened a decorating business, designing spaces for a wide variety of events. 
Married with two beatiful babies, I returned to technical school to upgrade my skills and spent the next two decades in the graphic design field. During this time I had the opportunity as well to work with children in our home church and was blessed for many years to be a part of this wonderful ministry. I also had a third beautiful baby and life was full. 
My babies grew up and, over time, I found myself working through several health challenges, so my relationship with art changed again. This time I came back to my easel and, by God's grace, through painting and writing I have found an amazing healing process. 
My art is full of colour and movement, my stories come from my heart and are a reflection of my love for the process rather than a polished result. 
I hope you enjoy this little snapshot into my world and find some inspiration here.​​​​​​​